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Partners - Central United Church (CUC)


Central United Church (CUC) has had a history of involvement in local outreach since its inception – the early days of TB patient visitation at what is now West Park Healthcare Centre, Meals on Wheels, the Weston Area Emergency Service food bank, English as Second Language school and other projects in the community.  

In late 1993, recognizing that Weston is an underserved area, especially for those coping with poverty, the CUC Outreach Committee established a free weekly community supper to bring people together for a social time around a nutritious meal. Still being provided today, the meal has been funded by interest from an estate and congregational giving designated for the work. Special appeals are also made to bring in money  to purchase meat and vegetables, etc.


Since the start of WKNC in 2000 CUC has provided the space including washrooms, kitchen, offices, etc. furnishings and janitorial services at no cost. Over the years WKNC had grown and be allocated more square footage so that at the current commercial rate the space provided is valued at $76,000 a year. The church also houses WKNC Board meetings and holds special services to promote the work of addressing poverty.


Added value id accumulated from individual donations of cash, services and volunteer time provided by past and present members of the local United churches and the United Church of Canada with the local presbyteries.



The ongoing financial and in-kind support offered by CUC is pivotal in the ongoing ability of WKNC to offer its services to the Weston- Mount Dennis community. CUC is the major contributor, allowing WKNC to operate in a very cost effective manner with regards to support from government. The money saved by being offered free facilities represents over one quarter of the budget.


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