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Harm Reduction

WKNC is supported by Harm Reduction Counsellors and Peer Workers from Syme Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 10:am-2pm.


Harm Reduction aims to reduce harm among individuals who engage in high risk behaviours. High risk behaviours associated with drug use and HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and STI awareness towards the individual, families, the community and society is a primary target within the programs as well as the Sex Trade and the youth gang involvement and associations.


It doesn't require the individuals to abstain from the behaviour nor does it view abstinence as a main goal for the individual but rather encourages the individual to engage in practices that reduce the overall harm on their health and body.


Harm reduce targets individuals engaging in high risk activities such as addiction, mental health issues and sex trade. The harm reduction team provides the individual with the necessary services they may need to assist them in reducing the harm in the behaviours associated with these activities.