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Membership at WKNC


The $10 annual membership fee covers costs for meetings and communications with members, but the inability to pay the membership fee will not restrict you from becoming a participant. Board members do not get any remuneration for their time, but may be reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of WKNC.


Members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting, membership meetings and any other meetings called during the year including Town Halls. Members vote on matters concerning election of Directors and offer your services to the various committees.


The Board of Directors is seeking potential members who they feel will meet the needs of WKNC. They consider individuals with a demonstrated commitment to the Weston Mount Dennis community and WKNC’s objectives as well as representatives of local groups and organizations such as business leaders, faith communities, ethnic and immigrant organizations, resident groups, service clubs, service providers, service users and social agencies.


How to Become a Member of WKNC


You will be asked to sign a document confirming your agreement with the principles of WKNC as part of the application process. The Directors of the Board will review the applications and they will appoint members in an effort to create a diverse mix of people with a widespread range of expertise, an interest in the Centre’s activities and a willingness to foster positive relationships with the service users, service providers, and the local community.


If you're interested in becoming a Weston King Neighbourhood Centre member, proceed to the contact us tab and email us using the form provided.