Adult man helps children during a painting event.

Our Impact

Brick Wall

During 2021

Line drawing of a fork and knife on a plate.


Hot Meals were served to Community members experiencing poverty 

Line drawing of groceries in a basket.


Grocery bags were given out during our weekly food banks

Line drawing of two people talking to eachother.


People were able to stay connected through community events despite the pandemic

Three women working together in community kitchen.

Community Focused Through the Years

Weston King Neighbourhood Centre was built by the community for the community. We have a long history of listening to our members through town halls, and voting sessions where the real people experiencing poverty can tell us what they need. Programs like our Housing Support Office, Kitchen Rental Space, and Harm Reduction Services were created in response to the needs they identified. We will continue to adapt and find new ways to serve our Community.


With support from our donors WKNC is able to provide life-changing support to those in our community.

We respect the trust that is given to us by those that want to help and so provide an Annual Reports. These provide important insights into the impact we have in the Weston - Mount Dennis Community and shows practical data on how our funding is spent.

Below are the Reports from our past years of operations.